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How do I invite a team member to my VidMob workspace?
How do I invite a team member to my VidMob workspace?
Learn how to invite a team member to your workspace on VidMob's platform
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Building out your team in VidMob takes just a few minutes.

Once you've logged in to the VidMob platform, go to "Workspace", located in the left-hand navigation menu.

To add a new team member, click “Invite” at the top.

Invite others to your team by adding their "email". You can add multiple emails at once.

Then select the permissions and role you'd like each person to have:

Admin: Admins can manage all projects and users in a workspace as well as their company's billing details.

Standard: Standard users can view and access their own projects as well as their company projects. They can also invite others to collaborate in the same workspace.

If you're working on an active project, you can invite others to join by selecting "Invite".

Click "Invite" and your new team members will receive e-mails to join!

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