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How does VidMob support Ad Types with multiple creatives?
How does VidMob support Ad Types with multiple creatives?
Learn what ad types with multiple creatives are, how they are displayed in Creative Analytics, and how to account for them in analytics
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Ad types with multiple creatives are described as single ads that have more than one creative attached to them.

Some examples of ad types with multiple creative in Meta:

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Offering where advertisers provide several assets as a bundle, and then Meta uses AI to test the different possible combinations to determine the optimal version.

Auto Placement

For a single creative, an advertiser may choose to use different assets for stories versus feed, or several other Facebook placements where asset customization is allowed.

Carousel Ads

[Not currently supported in Creative Analytics] An ad format that allows advertisers to showcase.

How to account for Ad Types with Multiple Creative in Creative Analytics

  • Comparison Reports

    • VidMob aggregates performance at the Creative Level across all supported ad types.

    • For Dynamic Creative or Auto Placement Ads, the mechanisms in which VidMob pulls the data from the Meta API differ, resulting in limitations in reporting capabilities for these ad types. To understand the limitations of reporting capabilities see this help center article.

  • Creative Manager

    • Toggling off “Multi-Asset Ads” in the Filter panel to show every ad in the ad account except for Multi-Asset Ads.

    • Toggling on "Multi-Asset Ads" in the Filter panel will show all Multi-Asset Ads that are in the ad account, for the parameters that are set.


  • There is a limited list of KPIs available for Multi-Asset Ads due to limitations in what can be retrieved from the Meta API.

  • Watch dashboard

    • The Watch Dashboard is disabled because Multi-Asset Ads do not support View Through % based KPIs

  • Filtering by Placement or Audience Comparison Reports are not available

  • Carousels are not available

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