VidMob’s Brand Governance capability ensures your brand’s creative is aligned with creative best practices -- at scale.

With this feature, you can:

  • Score pre-flight creative to make sure creative is meeting guidelines before they go live

  • Analyze in-flight creative to understand if there is live creative that should be optimized

  • Customize your criteria set to match your own brand's guidelines

  • Collaborate access all stakeholders

  • Fix non-compliant creative with production support

  • Connect criteria to KPI performance, and refresh underperforming criteria with new considerations

  • Track your brand's adherence to criteria over time and across the globe

  • And integrate with your DAM to gain efficiencies

Let’s review how it can work for you.

Set Criteria

Select the creative criteria you want to adhere to and track for your brand. Click here to learn more about Criteria Management.

Score Creative

Automatically know which creative assets are meeting your criteria and get production support to fix those that need more work. Click here to learn how to Score Assets and view your Brand Score for pre- or in-flight creative.

Monitor Performance

Know if your best practices drive results with VidMob’s best-in-class Creative Intelligence platform, and make creative changes quickly with VidMob's help. Contact your VidMob representative to learn more about Production Support.

Get Insights

Discover new brand insights to refresh creative best practices for continuously improved performance. Click to learn more about a Brand Tracking Analysis or Creative Intelligence.

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