Head over to https://acs.vidmob.com/signup/email to create a new account.

First enter the email you’d like to use for your VidMob account.

If your email is already associated with a company it’ll appear here. If not, select “Create a New Team”. 

Now, it’s time to add in your personal details. If you're creating a new team don’t forget to name it. 

  • Note: If you’re joining an existing project, the “team name” field will be the name of your personal workspace so feel free to name it whatever you’d like - only you will see this. Ex. Emily’s Workspace.

Next, create a password. Enable two-step verification to add extra security to your account.

If you have access to your brand’s ad accounts connect them here to get creative insights on all of your ads and campaigns. If not, you can skip and connect later. 

If you’re creating a team and you’d like others with the same email domain to join, select that here. 

  • Note: If you’re part of a larger organization where multiple brands have the same email domain, we suggest keeping your team to “invite-only”. 

Click "Get Started" and you're all set to start creating, analyzing ad performance or giving feedback on new drafts!

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