Keep your VidMob projects on the fast track by adding the cleanest, best possible files to your project.

These file types will allow VidMob’s creative team the most flexibility while working with your existing assets to deliver the highest quality creative possible.

Here are a few of our top tips: 

  1. Separate audio tracks from voiceover (VO) tracks / aka "splits"

    • Music + VO files: MP4 is standard

    • Sound files: WAV or AIFF are ideal if you are sharing audio splits

  2. Layered files for static images

    • Static working files: PSD or PSB / Layered .TIFFs with alpha

      channels work as well

    • Packaged Indesign File: .INDD or .IDML

  3. Clean video files and/or working files

    • Clean video = textless / no graphics on the footage

    • Quicktime (.mov) are often better quality than MP4s

    • If the creative has animated texts or other motion graphic

      elements, please share the project files (Illustrator, PSB, AEP,

      PRPROJ + Packaged Project file (ZIP)

  4. Best Logo + Font File Types

    • Illustrator files (EPS/AI) or vector files (SVG) Logo are ideal

    • Font files: OTF (OpenType), TTF (TrueType)

Note: Most file types are recommended and not required. Check in with your VidMob team if you have questions!

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