Creative groupings allow you to group assets into custom groups so you can compare performance across attributes that are unique to your brand and what you want to learn. Creative groupings are especially helpful to compare performance among more complicated concepts than analyzing a creative element that shows in a single frame, such as by theme, story arc, or talent combinations.

To create a custom group, begin in Creative Manager. 

  1. Start by selecting the ads in Creative Manager you want within your group. It’s totally up to you how to organize, it’s all 100% customizable. 

2. Once you’ve assembled your group, you can save that grouping for future analysis.

3. Need to create more groups? Select “Create New Group” in the creative grouping drawer to make as many more groupings as you’d like.

4. Now that you’ve assembled your groups, it’s time to see what you can learn by clicking “Compare”. 

The report is where you’ll be able to compare the groupings you made to your KPIs, to see which group is driving results that matter most to your brand or to see which creative elements were most successful within each group.

Want to learn even more about your groups? Adjust the KPI view and custom date range, by selecting from the drop-downs above to refresh results. 

You can also choose to filter the data table by KPI, Length, or Elements and get even more specific by reducing your view to only those elements you’d like to appear.

To return to your original view, simply turn off the filters.

Need to download this report to save for later? Once you hit "Compare" click on the "..." button to download the table as a CSV.

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