VidMob’s powerful Creative Analytics tool uses AI, computer vision, and human-in-the-loop systems to build a deep creative data set. By crossing that dataset with media performance metrics, we’re able to surface insights which illustrate how creative attributes impact results.

Leverage creative data to improve media performance.

Using machine learning technology that sits on top of platform performance data, we go frame-by-frame to identify the creative elements that are keeping audiences engaged and the ones that may be causing drop-off.

Once connected to Creative Analytics™ you can expect:

  • Performance Snapshot: Get a specific understanding of viewer behavior in each ad.

  • Industry Norms: See how your ads stack up against your vertical.

  • Platform Fitness: Discover how well your ads meet platform best practices.

  • Comparison Reports: Find out what’s driving your KPIs across different creative themes, story arcs, ad formats, and more.

  • Account-Level Reports: Dedicated analysts pull high-level learnings across your ad account(s) to learn what works best for your brand and where you can improve.

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