Your Creator Profile is composed of three categories: your personal info, your professional info (i.e. your skills and specialities), and examples of your work. Here are our tips for putting your best foot forward in each section. 

1. Personal

Your Photo

Choose a photo that’s true to you and has a professional polish (sorry, bathroom selfies not recommended!). Don’t love photos of yourself? Get creative. GIFs, cartoons, and other custom art are great alternatives. 

Here are a few tips for taking a great photo, plus examples from your fellow creators:

  • Lighting: Stuck in a space with crappy lighting? Head outside and ask a friend to snap you while smiling.

  • Background: Too much background noise will distract the eye. Aim for a blank, solid-color wall or limited activity in the background. 

  • Focus: These photos display relatively small in your profile. Instead of full-body, try a headshot that allows us to see that beautiful face. 

  • Fun: Be true to you and do something inspired if traditional headshots aren’t really your thing. 

Your Name

In the profile section, you'll be prompted to enter your first and last name. However,  your public profile will only showcase your Display Name. We recommend first name, last initial, but go ahead with what feels best for you. 


Where do you call home? Our creators work from anywhere in the world and we love to celebrate the far reach of this community. You can specify your location by city, state/providence, and/or country. Win-win: Including your location will also help us better match you with projects. 

Note on Contact Info 

You may notice a section in your Creator Profile that asks for your email and phone number. Please note, this information will not be shared with clients and is intended for internal VidMob use only (in case we need to get in touch about rush projects or other urgent matters). 

About Me (or Sizzle Reel)

The most prominent asset on the profile page is a video that you will create about yourself. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your creative skills and sensibilities. 

Not comfortable on camera? This is also a great place to showcase your sizzle reel, featuring your best professional work and creative aesthetic. 

If you’re excited about creating an About Me video, here are some ideas:

  • Open with an Introduction: Give your name, city of origin and/or residence and, if applicable, languages spoken. Then, on or off camera, share a bit about your creative background, personal passions, and professional expertise. 

  • Shoot on location: Choose somewhere that celebrates your interests like the beach, a hiking trail, a sports stadium, or your favorite coffee house. 

  • Showcase your skills: use on-screen text to list out technical skills like motion graphics, sound design, illustration, etc.  

  • Keep it simple: Don’t go overboard, but still have fun showcasing your post-production chops with visually arresting cutting styles, motion graphics, and color choices.  

  • Keep it brief: The optimal runtime is :30-:45. Videos should be no longer than :60. 

For more on About Me best practices, check out our post here.

Describe Yourself aka Your Bio

Here’s your opportunity to put who you are into words, starting with your personal and professional background, skill set, and platform expertise. While your personality should shine through, it’s very important not to be too casual or colloquial. World-class brands and agencies are hiring VidMob to work on high-profile campaigns so be mature, articulate, and professional. You may update your bio as often as you like. Feel free to email us with a draft if you want it proofread or need suggestions. We’re here for you!

Stuck on where to begin? Here are some ideas to add color and personality to your bio: 

  • Unusual skills

  • Simple pleasures in life

  • One piece of tech you cant live without

2. Badges


What’s your unique skillset? Apply for badges to help clients identify if you’re the right match for a project. Note: requests for new badges will be granted only after you've completed badge-related work with us on platform. 

These badges will appear in your public profile below your About Me/Sizzle video. In the near future, you can customize which badges appear first (we recommend a combination of badges that make you unique). In the meantime, curious clients can View More to preview all your remaining badges.

3. Portfolio


Time to show off your hard work! Your portfolio should feature any and all work you’ve done on VidMob. While other commercial work is great for your sizzle reel, please keep your portfolio selections to VidMob-only projects. Like your badges, you can customize the order in which these videos appear. Additionally, your portfolio can be updated as often as you like (ideally anytime you complete another VidMob project!).

If you’re interested in seeing what your page will look like, feel free to check out some of your fellow creators below:

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